STS Brother replacement ink cartridges make direct-to-garment printing more approachable (and accessible) to those who want to reproduce their designs on fabric at a much more affordable price tag. It is easier to manufacture graphics on garments with DTG, thanks to machines that are capable of reproducing the full-color spectra—something that is impossible with traditional printing techniques. This process requires the right ink formulation that ensures the accurate reproduction of even the most intricate designs.

At STS Inks, we offer Brother DTG Ink replacements for multiple DTG series printers, including compatible Brother GT3 Series ink cartridges that work with various GT3 series models (GT 341, GT 361, and GT 381). You can produce an entire spectrum of colors, shades, and gradients with these Brother replacement ink cartridges that have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards. This provides quality and durability that is as close to original as possible at a fraction of the price. We produce affordable Brother GT 3 series ink replacements to help keep your DTG printing costs low.

Brother DTG Inks

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